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We would like to hear about your motivation, feel your passion, and understand your contribution.

Please tell us about what Europe means to you and what makes you feel passionate about it? (max 600 characters) *

Please tell us about a civic action or a political campaign that you are or would like to be involved in. What are the key challenges that you (or your organization) are facing? (max 1000 characters) *

If you would like share with us any other any reason that explains your interest in joining our Fellowship, this is the place (max 400 characters)

Please prepare a short video (max 5 min) about your “story”. Why do you do what you do? Why does it matter? Why should others join your effort?

If you have trouble uploading your video, you can send us a link to your Youtube channel, Dropbox file or other.

We would also like to understand your skills and your experience.

If you chose other, please specify.

What is the primary expertise and experience, which you will bring to your project/campaign and the broader cohort group? (max 100 characters) *

Please share the name(s) of the organization(s) that are you currently working with? *

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Here is what you will need to commit to if you want to join the Fellowship.

I am committed to attending the full residential workshop. Late arrivals or early departures are not allowed and require me to give up my Fellowship. Agreed? *

I understand that the working language of the Yes Europe Lab Fellowship is English, and I have sufficient English fluency to participate. Can you confirm? *

I am prepared to challenge my personal views, beliefs, and assumptions, as part of my personal learning and development. Agreed? *

I allow Yes Europe Lab to collect, use, and store personal data submitted in my application with the purpose of 1) enabling the creation of a community of European change agents and 2) communicate with Fellows before, during and after the Yes Europe Fellowship program. Agreed? *

I accept to be photographed and/or recorded on video during the Yes Europe Fellowship program and that photographs and video footage may be used as promotional materials for future Yes Europe Lab-related events and activities. Agreed? *

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